Hotels with environmental Program

Here is a list of hotels with environmental programs:

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The Hotel Savoy is helping with the following measures:

Since January 1, 2021, we have been using green electricity and green gas.

  1. Sustainable building through: a) Preservation of solid building structure (example: origin of the hotel part on Turiner Straße 9) b) Maximization of land utilization for guests (reduced ecological footprint through minimal land consumption) c) Use of high-quality and durable materials

100% heat and electricity supply from combined heat and power:

  • On-site through our own natural gas CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit
  • From Rheinenergie Köln and their district heating and electricity network

Energy saving per guest, per overnight stay, and per building volume through: a) Demand-controlled room automation b) Consistently high occupancy rate

Cooling and heating energy saving through:

  • Automated sunshade control
  • Heat pump operation of cooling units for utilization of environmental heat
  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery

Reduction of electricity consumption through LED lighting

Reduction of water and energy consumption through:

  • Changing bed linen and towels for long-term guests every 3 days (unless otherwise requested)
  • Showers in addition to bathtubs in guest rooms
  • Ongoing consumption monitoring by the technical staff

Minimized environmental impact from transportation through:

  • Ideal central city location for bicycle and public transport use
  • Sustainable collaboration with local craftsmen and companies to save environmentally harmful travel distances

Job tickets for hotel employees

Separate waste collection:

  • Paper/cardboard, glass, and „yellow bin“ recycling

Planting of undeveloped land areas (especially the courtyard) and extensive green roofs to improve the urban microclimate

Goals for 2021:

  • Climate neutrality through carbon footprint analysis and compensation via Climatpartner for the fiscal year 2021 and ongoing
  • Maintain environmental labels for the hotel industry, such as GreenLine

Lindner Hotels is implementing the following measures to help:

  1. Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and procedures to minimize environmental impact.
  2. Energy efficiency and conservation through the use of modern technologies such as LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and intelligent building management systems.
  3. Water efficiency by using water-saving fixtures and implementing measures to reduce water consumption in hotels.
  4. Waste separation and recycling to minimize waste and preserve valuable resources.
  5. Use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in construction and hotel renovations.
  6. Promotion of sustainable mobility by providing bicycles, electric vehicle charging stations, and information on public transportation.
  7. Support for local environmental initiatives and projects aimed at preserving the natural environment and promoting biodiversity.
  8. Guest awareness of sustainable behavior through in-room information, employee training, and eco-friendly initiatives.